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Photos: GV Citizen Media Summit (June 28)

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Today is an important and interesting day of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit in Budapest. All the notable things the Global Voices Online is doing are being displayed and discussed.

Here are some of the glimpses of today's proceedings:


Opening remarks from Georgia Popplewell and Solana Larsen

Session 1:

David Sasaki and Lova Rakotomalala introducing Rising Voices [3] to the audience with a great video

Members of the Rising Voices grantees share their experiences and feelings

Mialy Andriamananjara show cases Foko Madagacar [6]

Session 2:

Discussing how the rise of blogging affects election and the democratic process

Session 3:

Talking about biases – it can work both ways

Session 4:

Photo: Media_Material [10] – Discussing about the multilingual web and speaking world languages to reach to the audience

Session 5:

Discussing what and when the world listen to the bloggers?

Photos by Neha Viswanathan [12]:

Collins Dennis Odour introduces REPACTED Kenya

Luis Carlos Diaz on the wired electorate in Venezuela