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Day 2, Session 5: “When the World Listens”

Session 5: “When the World Listens“ MODERATOR: Preetam Rai. SPEAKERS: Neha Viswanathan (India), Juliana Rotich (Kenya), Lova Rakotomala (Madagascar) Rebekah Heacock is liveblogging:

Day 2, Session 4: Translation and the Multi-Lingual Web

Day 2, Session 3: When Biases Meet Biases

Video: Rebecca MacKinnon wraps up Day One

The indefatigable Paula Góes captured Rebecca MacKinnon‘s fantastic wrap-up speech at the end of yesterday's sessions and put it up on dotSUB.com to share it with the rest of the...

Day 2, Session 2: The Wired Electorate in Emerging Democracies

Juliana Rotich liveblogging:

GV Summit: Day One a Success!

The first day of the Global Voices 2008 Summit in Budapest, Hungary was a wild success, as far as we can see (obviously we can't know all of the implications...

Day 1, Session 5: “NGOs and On-the-ground Activists: Defending the Voices”

Rebecca Wanjiku will be liveblogging this session:

Day 1, Session 4

Juliana Rotich will live-blog:

Day 1, Session 3: Living with Censorship

Day 1: Session 2

Juliana Rotich will be liveblogging this session: