· June, 2008

Stories Advocacy from June, 2008

Citizen Media and Online Free Speech

  June 27, 2008

While the first session of the 2008 Global Voices Summit focused on how internet censorship works in Belarus, Japan, Egypt, and Pakistan, and how activists have responded to those limitations, the second session was specifically focused on how censorship affects bloggers and citizen media.

Live Blog: GV Advocacy Meeting (June 26)

  June 26, 2008

A group of the leading online free speech activists from around the world have been invited to a closed meeting in advance of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit by Global Voices Advocacy. The topic of discussion is how to work together towards a global anti-censorship movement. Renata Avila from...

Citizen Media and Online Free Speech

  June 8, 2008

The innate structure of the Internet is free: a series of personal computers, servers, and routers that produce data and transmit it around the world in seconds based on a simple series of universal protocols. It took human intervention to cage the Internet. For the second session of the Global...