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GV Summit- Day Two Completed!

  June 28, 2008

While Day One of the Global Voices Summit focused on Advocacy, today focused more upon Global Voices proper, with information presented on the other GV projects of Rising Voices and Lingua. The day began with an introduction by Georgia Poppelwell (GV Managing Director) and Solana Larsen (GV Managing Editor), in...

Alternate Coverage of the Summit

  June 27, 2008

Dozens of people were blogging, twittering, and plurking away during the Summit. Here is a listing (not comprehensive) of those bloggers and mainstream media journalists that covered the event. Photos: Flickr photos tagged with: GVSummit08 News Coverage: For a complete list of mainstream media coverage of Global Voices and the...

Citizen Media and Online Free Speech

  June 8, 2008

The innate structure of the Internet is free: a series of personal computers, servers, and routers that produce data and transmit it around the world in seconds based on a simple series of universal protocols. It took human intervention to cage the Internet. For the second session of the Global...

When the World Listens

  June 3, 2008

At Global Voices Online, we have been following blogs and other social platforms for some time now. Increasingly, we are encountering netizens rallying together and successfully hightlighting issues, political crisis or a natural disaster around them to a wider audience. In this last session of the summit, we invite you...

Translation and the Multilingual Web

  June 2, 2008

Projects like Yeeyan,, Gyaku, Cucumis, Avaaz, Wikipedia and of course Global Voices are models of human translation with online cooperation, while there are also numerous tools offered by online services which can make the work more effortless. In the fourth session of day two, the summit will be focusing on the translation within citizen media: how to translate various languages in complex international contexts? what are the limits? and how we can go beyond those limits?