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When The World Listens: GV08 Summit Day 2, Session 5

  July 2, 2008

Anyone who is familiar with Global Voices knows that the world is indeed talking – blogospheres from the Americas to Sub-Saharan Africa all have a lot to say – but what makes people actually listen?  The fifth and final session of Day 2 of GV's Citizen Media Summit 2008 addressed...

Rising Voices: Internet arrives to the community

  June 29, 2008

During the first day of the Global Voices Budapest Summit 2008, many of the topics discussed had to do with the worst side of the relation between politics and the Internet. Topics such as censorship, the violation of freedom of expression rights and the lack of access were the main...

Video: Rebecca MacKinnon wraps up Day One

June 28, 2008

The indefatigable Paula Góes captured Rebecca MacKinnon‘s fantastic wrap-up speech at the end of yesterday's sessions and put it up on to share it with the rest of the world (for the uninitiated, is a site that allows you to upload videos and have them translated into virtually...