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Thank You (with Photos)

  July 19, 2008

Anyone who arrived in Budapest thinking the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit was going to be an ordinary conference, will have been seriously surprised. The media accolades and heart felt blog posts after the Summit have kept piling in on our RSS readers. No one is more thankful than we...

When Biases Meet Biases: GVO Summit Day 2, Session 3

  July 17, 2008

Session 3 of the second day of Global Voices Citizen Media summit focused on the state of “conversation” (or lackthereof) in the world today, when both sides speak, but neither of them listens or tries to understand. The session which carried the name “When Biases Meet Biases” featured Isaac Mao,...

NGOs: Defending the voices.

  July 12, 2008

At the end of our first day of open work, GV founder Rebecca MacKinnon put an important idea on the table: censorship is not only a political or technological problem; it is also a social problem. Thus, it is important to encourage bloggers to resist; to keep blogging. In this...

Activists Meet the Academy: GVO Summit Day 1, Session 4

  July 10, 2008

Participants of the fourth session of Global Voices first day of its Summit 2008, discussed the tools to help create better internet access while maintaining anonymity. The session, which carried the title “Front Line Activists meet the Academy: Tools and Knowledge,” provided hands-on information for internet users from repressive states...

Impressions from Day 2 of the GV Internal Meeting

  July 10, 2008

Being a first-time delegate at the Global Voices (GV) Summit, I was amazed at how much work is done by the Global Voices authors, translators, editors and the leadership team. This became clear to me during the second day of the Global Voices Internal meetings which further helped me to...

Day 2, Session 4: Translation and the Multi-Lingual Web

  July 10, 2008

At the Saturday meeting of Global Voices Annual Summit 2008, the Global Voices’ Lingua team introduced their work and facilitated a discussion about outreach: Translation and the Multilingual Web. The idea to make the Global Lingua Section was motivated by GV activists. While they work for GV, a question came...

Living with Censorship: Day 1, Session 3

  July 10, 2008

The first day of the Global Voices Summit focused heavily on censorship and its effects on bloggers. Session three examined what bloggers and other netizens who live in countries with government censorship do to evade and combat it.

Join us Next Year! (Somewhere)

  July 7, 2008

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a spectacular Summit in Budapest. We hope to be gathering our community and friends again next year, somewhere in the world. And you'll be invited. Until then, please keep following the work of Global Voices, Global Voices Advocacy, and Rising Voices, not to...

When The World Listens: GV08 Summit Day 2, Session 5

  July 2, 2008

Anyone who is familiar with Global Voices knows that the world is indeed talking – blogospheres from the Americas to Sub-Saharan Africa all have a lot to say – but what makes people actually listen?  The fifth and final session of Day 2 of GV's Citizen Media Summit 2008 addressed...