· June, 2008

Stories Liveblog from June, 2008

Rising Voices: Internet arrives to the community

  June 29, 2008

During the first day of the Global Voices Budapest Summit 2008, many of the topics discussed had to do with the worst side of the relation between politics and the Internet. Topics such as censorship, the violation of freedom of expression rights and the lack of access were the main...

Public Health Projects to Use Citizen Media to Empower Community Voices

  June 28, 2008

Rising Voices and Open Society Institute's Health Media Initiative are happy to announce the six newest health-focused citizen media outreach projects. We received over 110 proposals from health activists and organizations based in over 50 different countries. The six selected grantees represent the most innovative applications of citizen media tools like blogs, podcasts, and online video to help further the advocacy goals of public health organizations, and to empower the communities they work with.

GV Summit- Day Two Completed!

  June 28, 2008

While Day One of the Global Voices Summit focused on Advocacy, today focused more upon Global Voices proper, with information presented on the other GV projects of Rising Voices and Lingua. The day began with an introduction by Georgia Poppelwell (GV Managing Director) and Solana Larsen (GV Managing Editor), in...

Day 2, Session 5: “When the World Listens”

June 28, 2008

Session 5: “When the World Listens“ MODERATOR: Preetam Rai. SPEAKERS: Neha Viswanathan (India), Juliana Rotich (Kenya), Lova Rakotomala (Madagascar) Rebekah Heacock is liveblogging:

Photos: GV Citizen Media Summit (June 28)

  June 28, 2008

Today is an important and interesting day of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit in Budapest. All the notable things the Global Voices Online is doing are being displayed and discussed. Here are some of the glimpses of today's proceedings: