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June 27, 2008

GV Summit: Day One a Success!

The first day of the Global Voices 2008 Summit in Budapest, Hungary was a wild success, as far as we can see (obviously we can't know all of the implications...

Day 1, Session 5: “NGOs and On-the-ground Activists: Defending the Voices”

Rebecca Wanjiku will be liveblogging this session:

Day 1, Session 4

Juliana Rotich will live-blog:

Day 1, Session 3: Living with Censorship

Alternate Coverage of the Summit

Dozens of people were blogging, twittering, and plurking away during the Summit. Here is a listing (not comprehensive) of those bloggers and mainstream media journalists that covered the event. Photos:...

Day 1: Session 2

Juliana Rotich will be liveblogging this session:

Photos: GV Citizen Media Summit (June 27)

Welcome to the day one of the Global Voices Citizen Summit in Budapest. Here are some of the glimpses of the day's proceedings.

June 26, 2008

GV Summit, Day 1: Introductions and Session 1

Photos: GV Advocacy Meeting (June 26)

The morning session has started and in the opening remarks the co-founder of Global Voices Online Ethan Zuckerman thanked everybody who came to the summit. Sami Ben Gharbia, the Advocacy...

Live Blog: GV Advocacy Meeting (June 26)

A group of the leading online free speech activists from around the world have been invited to a closed meeting in advance of the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit by...